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06 03 2019


The 2018/19 crop in Brazil is about to wind up and processing is limited. The plants are now mainly running fruit to NFC.

06 03 2019


Warmer temperatures across Europe over the past month processors in Poland have been able to begin running fruit from the cold stores again.

06 03 2019


The USDA forecast for Florida’s grape- fruit production for the current 2018/19 season has been lowered to 6.00 million boxes.

06 03 2019


The 2019 lemon crop in Argentina will begin in two weeks and growing conditions remain favourable.

06 03 2019


The 2019 grape crop in Argentina is underway and production is reportedly very good.

06 03 2019


Thailand is currently in between its Winter and Summer crops, but there is still limited processing.

06 03 2019


There are reports that the mango crop in Peru is 70% down on average.

Passion fruit production in Ecuador has remained low over the past month and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2019.

06 03 2019

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